Jan Wizinowich

Jan Wizinowich
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We’re in this life together and when we share stories, we share wisdom to make meaning of our lives. I provide an array of services to help clients tell their stories as biography / memoir or as an oral history. How your story is told is up to you.  It can be in regular book form, but also could be a series of poems you have written over the years, photographic journals, a picture book or even a memory quilt.  Whatever route you travel, I can provide services to support your journey.

"Words to Match Your Meaning"

Categories of service:

  1. Biography/Memoir
    • Interviews that assist in accessing memories and life reflections. Transcribing.
    • Research that creates an historical context for your life.
    • Editing
    • Ghost writing
  2. Oral Histories
    • Project organizing
    • Research: For both pre and post interview
    • Interviewing: Both audio recorded and video-taping. Disk copying.
    • Transcribing and binding.


To facilitate the recording, preservation and sharing of stories and experiences for individuals, families and community.

As a young women in my twenties, I sat with my Finnish Grandfather on his little sun porch in Coos Bay, Oregon and listened to his stories. There was a tangible bond of comfort there; he knew he was being heard and I could share in the experiences of a life well lived. Here was someone who immigrated to the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, just a young man of sixteen. At that time it didn’t occur to me to record his stories and so have lost much of what he had to offer in terms of experience and wisdom.

Shortly after that, I came to Hawaii and found that so much wisdom and knowledge is handed down from the Ancient Hawaiians through chants and stories from generation to generation. This was a way for the Kupuna to be heard and to pass important knowledge into the future. The history books only tell a superficial non-personalized version of history where the stories of individuals who experienced it create a multi-textual offering.


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