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Below are links to just two of many more writings that may be found at my blog, BigIslandTalkStory.org.

Hele I Ke Kumu

There are life changing experiences that come straight at you like a rogue, Waimea Bay wave and there are those that sneak up on you like a mist. The Hawaiian song writing retreat, sponsored by Hawaiʽi Volcano National Park at the summit of Kilauea, was one of the latter. Like a flock of forest birds, we gathered from all directions, drawn by the beautiful mystery of Hawaiian language and melody. Some of us are master musicians and performers, others kumu hula, educators and radio announcers, but we were all following our hearts to the source.
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I Kū Mau Mau (Stand up together) The Ancestors are Calling

The traumas of past deeds travel relentlessly through generations and unrecognized, act as bedevilments that cause us to repeat negative patterns. One path to healing traumas is through a process called family constellations. It is a gathering to call to our ancestors in ritual for help in understanding and healing, which can be done for an individual, an ʽohana or a community. A Hawaiian style version of this took place with the re-enactment of a historic meeting in Hilo to protest annexation on Sunday November 25, through the efforts of Pua Case and her ʽohana kokua.
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Hikianalia: Voyaging Back to the Future

Like a dreamscape, Hikianalia glides on the horizon this early Sunday morning, the only color in an ancient pearl landscape. The one partly furled sail and the swift movement of the wa’a brings us back to local time with the realization that it is the solar powered motors and not the wind that is propelling the wa’a westward to come about on a broad southeast reach into port to clear customs. Hikianalia, the latest addition to the ʽohana waʽa, has just made her maiden voyage from Aotearoa, where she was constructed, to Tahiti and from Tahiti to Hilo. The hulls, fiberglass covered foam, with sweeping lines are a thing of beauty as well as providing swift sailing with the teak deck lending another kind of practical beauty. Slated to be the escort for Hokuleʽa on her world voyage, which is scheduled for now to depart in June, Hikianalia is outfitted with 8 solar panels and 3 motors, making her the ideal escort craft.
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